Houdini 13 Flip simulations rnd

Flip simulation - FlipObject and FlipSolver parametars

flipWedge01 flipWedge02
flipWedge03 flipWedge04
flipWedge05 flipWedge06
flipWedge07 flipWedge08

Air - Force Field around objects and Flip simulation
idea for this came from Fxguide and CGW article about Battleship from ILM

flipWedge air- surface (on water/ocean surface) - body - geometry force  
flipForceWedge01 flipForceWedge02
flipForceWedge03 flipForceWedge04

Flip simulation - using WhiteWater or Flip for secondarys

flipWedge - secondarys - wwater VS flip


ConvertVDB - Automatic partitioning for distributed meshing

OpenVDB toolset - Siggraph 2013 Wing Rise VDB partiton meshing


Houdini 13 OceanFX - Shelf tools wedges - thanks to John from SideFX

beach_tank_whitewater flat_tank_transient

splash_tank_static splash_tank_transient
splash_tank_wedges_expfalloff_wind10 splash_tank_wedges_expfalloff_wind5
splash_tank_wedges_nofalloff_wind10 splash_tank_wedges_nofalloff_wind5

wave_layer_tank_boundary wave_layer_tank_boundary_ww
wave_layer_tank_closed wave_layer_tank_transient